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Tips To Reduce Your Garbage

Recycling reduces garbage, and so you may be able to use a smaller garbage container for a lower rate. If you have curbside recycling service, there is no limit on the amount of clean recycling you can set out.

Compost Food Waste
Food scraps and soiled papers are a resource, not a waste! When these materials are recycled, they become compost, a natural product that can feed plants and trees while improving soil health.

Prevent Waste Before You Buy, Use or Discard an Item
Before you buy, use or discard an item, ask yourself:

Reduce: Can I buy this product with less packaging?
Reuse: Can I or someone else use this again?
Recycle: Can I recycle this after I use it?
Buy Recycled: Can I get this item with recycled content?

For more ways to reduce your garbage, please contact a Customer Service Representative. They will be glad to help you.