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The landfills will be closed when final grade is achieved. A final cover will be constructed to provide waste containment and isolation from precipitation, then vegetated with native species of plants to reflect the surrounding landscape.

The final cover will consist of 12 inches of buffer soil, 40 Mil Synthetic liner, 12 inches drainage layer and 12 inches of top soil to support vegetation. A cap system has been selected to provide adequate moisture storage to support vegetation. This soil will be obtained from on site and will be placed as various sections of the landfill are completed.

The fundamental purpose of vegetation is to provide long-term erosion protection. Vegetation retards erosion due to water and wind. The use of native species that are abundant around the site to vegetate the final cover will help blend the landfill into the natural terrain.

Landfill Tour

We welcome you to take a guided tour of the Elk River Landfill and the Landfill Gas Generating Plant. The tour provides a real-life look at the management of our community’s waste and discusses the creation of waste, daily landfill operations and the environmental control systems at our facility. To find out more about the guided facility tour or to schedule a date to visit, please contact:

Debra Walters
District Manager
[email protected]
(763) 441-2464