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What is E-scrap?
Electronic scrap is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, growing at a rate three times faster than any other waste stream. These recyclables include TV’s, computers, monitors, cell phones, DVD and VCR players, printers, fax machines, and other similar electronics.

Why recycle electronics?
Many electronics, especially TVs and computers, contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Reusing and recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of our landfills and incinerators and also recovers valuable resources. The electronic equipment this program collects are taken apart and separated into materials such as glass, plastic, metal and toxic chemicals.

Items that cannot be accepted include humidifiers, thermometers and large kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, smoke/fire alarms/detectors, wood consoles or cabinets.

E-scrap Quick Facts:

  • 235 million pounds of electronic waste are in storage.
  • By 2010, over 3 billion e-scrap items will be discarded
  • The weight of electronic products being discarded by Utahns this year will be approximately 240,000,000 pounds, 5% or more of total residential waste.
  • There are currently 426,000 cell phones retired in the US every day. Nine in 10 consumers own a computer
  • A median of 3.5 TVs per household
  • Eight in 10 consumers own a cell phone.
  • Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household

SONY Electronics Recycling Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to help consumers recycle electronic devices in an environmentally sound manner, Sony Electronics Inc. and Waste Management Recycle America have established three permanent drop off locations for old electronics scrap.

The amount of e-scrap is on the rise and managing the issue is becoming increasingly crucial as the FCC mandated switch to all digital TV signals in February 2009 nears. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, two million tons of e-scrap ended up in landfills in 2005, while only about 380,000 tons were recycled. By recycling old electronics products, useful materials - such as glass, plastic and metals - can be collected and re-used in the manufacture of other products.
Sony products are accepted at no cost to the consumer and all other types of electronics will also be taken but a small fee will be assessed for those. People are seeking services to help them recycle electronic waste responsibly and economically. WM hopes to collect as much recyclable material as possible at their locations. It is our way of demonstrating a shared commitment with the community, by providing outstanding customer service and environmental stewardship.

LG Electronics Recycling Program

Teaming up with LG Electronics, we've built a recycling program that makes it easy to properly dispose/recycle LG, Zenith, and Goldstar branded products in an environmentally safe way. Bring your unwanted LG, Zenith, or Goldstar products to any participating Waste Management eCycling drop-off center and recycle it for free.

WM E-scrap Depot Locations in Utah

West Haven
2433 S. 2050 W., West Haven, UT
Hours: M - F / 9am to 3:30pm
Phone: (801) 731-5542

1177 S. 1580 W., Orem, UT
Hours: M - F / 9am to 3:30pm
Phone: (801) 226-6215

West Jordan
8652 S. 4000 W., West Jordan, UT
Hours: M - F / 8am to 4pm
Phone: (801) 282-8271

Cost for NON Sony items are:
$5.00 - small appliances, cell phones, keyboards
$10.00 - small TV's and monitors less than 22", DVD/VCR players, desk printers/scanners, computer towers, laptops
$15.00 - large appliances, monitors and TV's larger than 22" 

We cannot accept any wood consoles or cabinets and the total weight of any item must be less than 50 lbs. to be accepted.
Checks or credit cards only will be accepted at the sites.