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Special Clean-Up Days

Three (3) times during each calendar year Waste Management provides curbside collection of bulky items that do not fit in the containers or simply excess trash for no additional charge.  Each curbside customer will receive a notice as to when these "clean-ups" are planned and the guidelines. These special clean-ups are scheduled for the same weekday that collection occurs in your area.  Questions regarding the special clean-ups should be directed to Waste Management at (925) 837-3356.

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Please take note of the following for the special clean-up events:

  • All waste must be left at the curb by 5:30 a.m.

  • The maximum each residence may dispose of is 3 cubic-yards of household trash and wood waste. This is approximately 16 trash bags or 3’ X 3’ X 9’.

  • Special clean-up trucks will pass each street one-time only.

  • Expect two trucks on clean-up day, one for electronics and tires, another for all other items.

  • Waste Management will sort all collected items for recycling.

  • Regular trash carts or yard trimming carts will not be emptied by special clean-up  trucks.

  • You may set out painted/stained/coated wood in addition to clean wood. All wood will be picked-up. Only clean wood will be recycled.

  • Single items weighing more than 60-pounds will not be accepted.
  • No item exceeding 60 lbs
  • No large furniture /appliances
  • No household hazardous waste
  • No concrete or dirt
  • No glass doors, window panes, or large mirrors
  • Everything should be bagged, boxed, or tied in bundles
  • Please don't block access to pickup with autos
  • Electronics accepted:   cell phones, computers, monitors, TVs, stereos, VCR's, PDA's, microwaves.
  • Auto tires accepted: no more than 4 auto tires per household
  • Household throwaways (bagged/boxed)
  • Broken glass (boxed and labeled "Caution: broken glass")
  • Yard waste (bundled and tied - max length 5 ft)
  • Lumber,  plywood, pallets, fence and deck wood (bundled and tied - max length 5 ft)
  • Cardboard (flattened and bundled)
  • Scrap metal (not to exceed 60 lbs per item)