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Single Family Homes

Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM

Keep Compostables and Recyclables Out of the Trash and Trash Out of Your Recyclables. Managed properly you could reduce the size of your trash cart and save!

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Sideyard Collection
Cart Set Out Guidelines
Holiday Tree Recycling
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Motor Oil & Filter Collection
Special Clean-up Days


Carts can be collected from side yards for an additional fee, or no fee for qualifying disabled individuals. Call (925) 837-3356 for details.


Residential collections are Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Do not overload carts and bins; lids must close. Overflowing containers may not be collected. 

Extra cardboard can be set out by your recycle cart.  The cardboard must be flattened and no more than 2ft. x 3ft.

Extra Trash Service TAG Program for Garbage Overflow: Purchase Extra Trash Service tags to place on resident-provided 32 gallon bags for collection of occasional extra garbage. Tags can be purchased by calling Waste Management at (925) 837-3356 and the tags will be mailed to your home. You can also purchase Extra Trash Service tags at San Ramon City Hall ( or at the Permit Center (2401 Crow Canyon Rd.) M-F 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM ($7.00 per tag/32g bag, price includes the extra pickup fee.) Put full bag with tag facing street on the curb next to your garbage cart on your regular collection day.

Waste Management and the City of San Ramon offer you three convenient Christmas tree recycling options.  Note: Trees must be free of flocking, tinsel, decorations and stands to be recycled.*  Postcards with dates and details for each of the services below will be mailed in early December.

  1. Boy Scouts of America, San Ramon Annual Fundraiser - Tree Pickup Day is Saturday, January 6, 2018. For a $10 donation, local Boy Scouts will pick up your tree. Visit, e-mail [email protected].

  2. Waste Management Yard Trimmings/Green Waste CartCut tree into lengths that will easily fit into cart and allow lid to completely close. Place tree pieces into cart any time after holidays.

  3. Special One - Time Tree Pickup - Week of January 8, 2018
    Set out tree at curb for pickup by a special truck. Cut larger trees into lengths of 6 feet or less. Clean trees only.

*Important: Only clean trees are acceptable for all tree recycling options (No flocking, tinsel or tree stands) Trees with flocking, tinsel or tree stands. Call (925) 837-3356 to arrange for collection at an additional charge.


On-call collection of electronics, chemicals, paint, fluorescent lights, batteries, & needles from your doorstep at no additional charge.
Call At Your Door Special Collection at 1-800-449-7587 or visit for program details.

Free curbside collection of used motor oil and oil filters is available to single-family residents.  Call (925) 837-3356 to request Waste Management oil jugs and oil filter kits. Only Waste Management oil jugs and filter bags will be collected. Place oil jugs (up to four) & oil filter bags (two filters per bag) on street against the curb, three feet from cart on collection day. Your full oil jugs will be replaced with empty new ones.


Residential Curbside
The following rates apply to single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes with individual cart service. Curbside customers are billed quarterly. Curbside rates are based upon the size of garbage cart requested. Four sizes of residential garbage carts are available:.

If you can recycle more and "trash" less, you can save money by getting a smaller garbage cart.  Call Waste Management (925-837-3356) to exchange your cart size. One free cart exchange per year.

Residential curbside services include weekly recyclables, compostables, battery and motor oil collection at no additional charge. The standard recycling and yard trimmings carts are 64-gallons each. If you regularly overfill your 64-gallon recycling cart, you may trade it in for a 96-gallon cart at no extra charge. An additional 64-gallon Green waste cart service is available at no extra charge. Additional details on residential rates, including extra services, are provided at the link below:

>>Click here to view Residential rates<<

Residential Curbside, No Yard Trimmings
Some residences in San Ramon do not need yard trimmings collection service because they do not have any individually maintained landscaping. These residents do not receive yard trimmings carts and pay the following rates. These rates include up to 96-gallons/week of recyclables collection at no additional charge.

>>Click here to view Townhouse Rates<<


Three (3) times during each calendar year Waste Management provides curbside collection of bulky items that do not fit in the containers or simply excess trash for no additional charge.  Each curbside customer will receive a notice as to when these "clean-ups" are planned and the guidelines. Only items under 60lbs are accepted. These special clean-ups are scheduled for the same weekday that collection occurs in your area.  Questions regarding the special clean-ups should be directed to Waste Management at (925) 837-3356. Click here for more information.