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Commercial Services

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSD) has entered into solid waste collection agreement with Waste Management of Alameda County (WMAC), effective May 1, 2009. WMAC will provide franchised recycling, organics, and garbage services for all commercial customers. Please contact WMAC if you are currently paying another vendor for these services.

Your Service Plan Rewards Recycling
CVSD's solid waste services for businesses provide one-stop shopping for garbage, recycling and organics collection; and they reward waste reduction. The more you use the recycling and organics containers instead of the garbage container, the lower your overall cost.

Up to a 3-Cubic Yard Bin for Garbage:
Your collection service includes an equal amount of recycling, built into your garbage rate ("bundled plan"). Organics containers can be added at a special rate, much below what garbage pickup for these materials would cost.

Larger than a 3-Cubic Yard Bin for Garbage:
Your collection service DOES NOT automatically include recycling, but you can add containers for recycling and organics at special rates, much below garbage pickup rates.

For current rates by service level and frequency of pick-up, contact WMAC at 510-613-8751

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