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Household Hazardous Waste

Many common household products contain hazardous materials and are not safe to dispose of in a landfill:

  • Paint, stain, varnish, thinner and adhesives
  • Automotive products such as old fuel, anti-freeze, brake fluid, motor oil and oil filters
  • Household betters and fluorescent light bulbs and lamps
  • Garden products including pesticides and fertilizers
  • Propane tanks and fire extinguishers
  • Thermostats, thermometers and other items containing mercury
  • Expired prescriptions and non-prescription medications (no controlled substances)
  • Sharps (syringes, needles, etc.)*
Household Hazardous Waste

To dispose of these items properly, call 800-606-6606 or visit for facility locations and schedules.

* Sharps may be disposed of via Waste Management’s mail-back program: MedWaste Tracker(sm), the Safe Solutions for Sharps and Medical Waste. For more information or to get pre-paid postage “sharps” shipping containers, you can visit us online at: or call us at: 866-931-6321.

For alternate locations or more information on Hazardous Household Waste, visit