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Multi Family Rates

Waste Management offers a comprehensive array of Recycling, Organics, and Garbage collection services. Call 510-613-8751 for a free site assessment and customized service plan.

The following is a sample of the monthly charges for basic weekly Multi-Family services:

20 gallon: $23.17
32 gallon: $35.93
64 gallon: $62.41
96 gallon: $88.91

The monthly charge includes weekly 64-gallon recycling and organics carts pickup. You may upgrade to a 96-gallon recycling and/or organics cart at no additional charge.

Up to a 3-Yard Bin means Recycling Service is Included in your Rates.

If your garbage container is 3 cubic yards or smaller, your collection service will include an equal amount of recycling built into the garbage rate (“bundled” plan).

1 yard Bin: $254.62
1.5 yard Bin: $363.22
2 yard Bin: $471.72
3 yard Bin: $677.64

Larger than a 3-Yard Bin Means Separate Rates for Services

If you have a garbage bin larger than 3 cubic yards, your collection service does not automatically include recycling, but you can add containers for recycling and organics at special rates, much below garbage rates.

4yd: $569.68
6yd: $837.39
7yd: $976.69

Multi-Family Organics Collection, including Food Scraps, is Charged Separately:

For Garbage Bin Subscribers, the rates are:
1 yard Bin: $188.91
1.5 yard Bin: $269.20
2 yard Bin: $349.54
3 yard Bin: $502.26
4 yard Bin: $582.54
6 yard Bin: $857.50
7 yard Bin: $990.03

For a Customized Service Plan for Your Multi-Family Property, call WMAC at 510-613-8751

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