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Welcome to the Web site for Waste Management and the Bay Area.

As a local fixture for more than 40 years, Waste Management has been an active part of much of the Bay Area. Serving as both the solid waste and recycling service provider, Waste Management has also enjoyed being a community partner in all of the communities it serves.

We are proud to offer locally tailored services including:

  • Bulky Item Pick-up: We have a fleet of flatbed trucks with lift gates that provide bulky item service throughout the region - if you have a couch, bed or other large item that needs to be disposed of, contact us to pick it up.
  • Freecycle: Waste Management is a partner with Freecycle, an online network where members give away and get items for free in their own communities - rather than filling up landfills with gently used items, find someone else in your community who could put it to good use!
  • Christmas Tree Recycling: Each year we provide Christmas tree collection and recycling services to the customers in the cities we service.
  • E-Waste Recycling: Waste Management is proud to be one of the only Bay Area companies that insist on safe and regulated recycling of e-waste from computers to TV’s. All materials brought to our facilities are recycled in the US using state and federally certified recycling processes.
  • School programs and outreach: Waste Management offer a variety of educational programs including in-classroom presentation, field trips and recycling programs to help teach youngsters the importance of recycling and how we al can help reduce waste.

The counties nearly 1,500 Waste Management Employees thank you for the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive solid waste and recycling services.

Waste Management is Committed to Northern California and the Bay Area

Waste Management of Northern California and the Bay Area is a vital part of the fabric of the area, offering convenient, residental collection, recycling and disposal, commercial hauling, recycling and disposal, while protecting our greatest asset, our natural resources. At our landfills, public health and environmental protection are our top priorities.

Environmental Responsibility Doesn't Stop at the Fence

It isn't enough to simply manage the environment on-site. The landfills we operate Northern California and the Bay Area are part of the greater community, and as such, it is important to us to make sure that we are doing what we can to protect our neighbors and the greater community, even in cases when our technical responsibility ends at the landfill gates.