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  • Protecting the Environment
    Waste Management believes the issues surrounding the quality of our earth, air and water are big issues and they call for big solutions. At Waste Management, merely complying with laws and regulations designed to stop environmentally damaging practices is not enough. Waste Management is always looking for ways to use its knowledge and experience for a greater good, because it is plainly and simply the right thing to do.

    Waste Management invests time and resources in the development of innovative ideas that produce measurable results, because the results not only provide immediate benefits, but also produce critical new knowledge that can be shared with others. Waste Management joins resources with regulatory commissions, communities, citizens and other companies to seek solutions together, because on our own we can make a start-but together we can make a difference.
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)
    Waste Management's Environmental Management System (EMS) reflects our emphasis on continuous improvement in operations by measuring and evaluating its environmental performance.
  • Environmental Policy
    Waste Management's environmental, health, and safety principles are grounded in the cornerstones of Protection, Compliance and Conservation.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Waste Management is committed to ensuring advanced protection of the environment, compliance with governmental regulations and implementation of state-of-the-art technology. These efforts distinguish Waste Management as the foremost leader in environmental protection and solid waste management excellence. The Environmental Management System (EMS) reflects the Company's emphasis on continuous improvement in operations by measuring and evaluating its environmental performance.

Waste Management's Environmental Management System (EMS) is comprised of five integrated components including:

  • Policy
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Assessment and Corrective Action
  • Management Review Processes

Environmental Policy

Waste Management is committed to protecting human health and the environment. This commitment is a keystone of all that we do, reflected in the services we provide to customers, the design and operation of our facilities, the conditions under which employees work, and our interactions with communities where we live and do business. We will be responsible stewards of the environment and protect the health and well being of our employees and neighbors. The following environmental, health and safety principles are applicable to Company operations worldwide:

  • Protection
    We conduct all operations in a manner that protects the environment and our employees, neighbors and customers.
  • Compliance
    We comply with all federal, state and local agency regulations, and will proactively implement programs and procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Conservation
    We practice and promote conservation of nature and the earth's energy resources.