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Q. Can I use containers other than the carts provided by Waste Management?
A. No. Waste Management carts are designed for pick up by our automated collection trucks.
Other containers do not work with our trucks.

Q. Should I set out my carts if they’re not full?
A. Your trash and green waste carts should be set out weekly. You may wait until your recycling cart is full before setting it out on your scheduled collection day.

Q. What if I want larger or additional carts?
A. Contact Customer Service to discuss your options and rates. Residential customers may request a second recycling and a second organics cart at no additional charge.

Q. What happens if a cart is stolen or damaged?
A. Contact Customer Service for assistance. We will arrange to repair your cart and for a fee replace your cart. or replace your cart for a fee. If your cart is stolen, you will receive one free replacement.

Q. What should I do with my carts if I move?
A. Call Customer Service to cancel service as you may be responsible for carts if they are lost or stolen.

Q. How do I clean my cart?
A. Simply rinse it with soap & water and allow to dry.

Q. What do I do if I have extra trash?
A. All extra trash is subject to a collection fee. Place it into a heavy-duty plastic trash bag and stack it neatly next to your gray trash cart.

Q. What do I do if I miss my pick-up?
A. Contact Customer Service and we will assist you.

For additional information on services and programs offered by Waste Management, please call our Customer Service Center in Ukiah 707-964-9172