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2024 Collection Site List

Welcome to the NYeCycles website operated by WM Recycle America, L.L.C. – eCycling Services (WMRA, a WM company)! We are here to help you recycle your electronics for a more environmentally-friendly New York. NYeCycles provides a complete solution for you to recycle your electronics.

NYeCycles is cost-free to individuals, including household consumers, and the following "business consumers": for-profit entities which have 49 or fewer full time employees, not-for-profit corporations with 74 or fewer full time employees, or any not-for-profit corporations designated under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code.

As the nation’s largest recycler, WMRA has acquired extensive industry-specific experience. In addition, processing facilities are ISO 9001, 14001 and R2 Certified. WMRA strives to achieve unequaled commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

NYeCycles is designed to collect the following Covered Electronic Equipment:
computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals (electronic keyboard, electronic mouse or similar pointing device), facsimile machine, document scanner, printers intended for use with a computer); small electronic equipment such as digital music player, VCR, DVD player, DVR digital converter box, cable or satellite receiver or game console, small-scale server, cathode ray tube or television (over 4").

  • Convenient Collection Methods - WMRA offers various methods for collecting your Covered Electronic Equipment, including an established and extensive network of collection sites engaged by WMRA for your convenience, targeted mail back programs and collection event opportunities.
  • Online Access – Customers can conveniently access a list of the drop-off locations in New York closest to the Customer’s location via mobile devices, smart phones and PC’s. The Customer must have access to the internet to utilize this function.
  • Data Destruction Services – As part of our standard recycling services, WMRA and its electronic waste processors perform the complete destruction of all sensitive or proprietary files, applications and other data from computers, servers and data storage devices upon receipt at WMRA's processing location.
  • Environmentally Sound Management Practices – WMRA manages e-waste processing in accordance with R2 certification standard and requires that its electronic waste processors adhere to the Requirements of Environmental Stewardship WMRA confirms compliance through a rigorous auditing / inspection process.

How can I safeguard my private data before recycling?

Before disposing, recycling, or donating your computer, it is a good idea to remove all personal information from your hard drive to protect yourself from identity theft. Data wiping software is also available to help you erase your hard drive prior to recycling it. Another option is to remove the hard drive before recycling your computer. This way, you can still recycle the computer without having concerns about the data on the drive.

Numerous programs exist to help erase your data before recycling, including:

Darik's Boot and Nuke
Self-contained boot disk that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers.

Advanced security tool for Windows which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

Note: The above is provided for information purposes only. No endorsement is made of the quality or effectiveness of these data-erasure products.

Background Information

The Electronic Waste Recycling - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (Article 27, Title 26 of the Environmental Conservation Law) ensures that every New York resident has the opportunity to recycle electronic waste in a convenient and environmentally responsible manner. The law requires original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to establish a convenient system for the collection, handling, transportation and recycling or reuse of Covered Electronic Equipment (CEE). OEM’s of CEE are responsible for implementing and maintaining an acceptance program for the discarded CEE, with oversight by Department of Environmental Conservation for New York State (NYDEC). For general information about this Act, including the definition of eligible consumers, please visit the NYDEC website at

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 855-347-3652

Except to the extent otherwise required by law, no manufacturer or person operating an electronic waste collection site, electronic waste consolidation facility or electronic waste recycling facility shall have any responsibility or liability for any data in any form stored on electronic waste surrendered for recycling or reuse, unless such person misuses or knowingly and intentionally, or with gross negligence, discloses the data. This provision shall not prohibit any such person from entering into agreements that provide for the destruction of data on covered electronic equipment. (NY State ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION LAW ARTICLE 27 TITLE 26, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT RECYCLING AND REUSE, § 27-2613)

What can I eCycle?

  • Computers
  • Monitors over 4"
  • Electronic Keyboards
  • Electronic Mice
  • Fax Machines
  • Document Scanners
  • Computer Printers
  • Digital Music Players
  • VCR
  • DVD Players
  • DVR
  • Cable/Satellite Receivers
  • Game Consoles
  • Small-scale servers
  • Cathode Ray Tubes
  • TVs over 4"

Mailbacks: To Mailback your NY electronic, please visit your individual manufacturer's website to obtain mailback information and labels.